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Welcome to the land of good things - Saaremaa!


We all know how to value good food - to appreciate the uniqueness and appeal of handcrafted items. Saaremaa is known as the land of things that are good. The atmosphere derived from the land and it's people is truly special. It's known to sooth frayed nerves and can make one forget the stress of weekday living. The Saaremaa Marketing Association was formed in the spring of 2009 to bring the best of Saaremaa to you. It is a non-profit association that serves to unite those small-scale producers and organizations throughout Saare County that offer authentic, high quality, artisanal crafts and foods as well as tourism services. Our aim is to develop a collaborative working environment within our membership and to introduce and promote their products throughout our own islands and further abroad.


The objectives and policies of the association are as follows:


  • promote the use of Saaremaa products throughout Saare County, the Estonian mainland and beyond.
  • advertise our members products and services
  • create and display advertisements, educational and informative material (websites, print brochures, posters, branded merchandise etc.)
  • organize and participate in supportive events (exhibitions, trade shows, festivals)
  • develop the Saaremaa promotional brand
  • seek out sales channels (for example - to supply Saare County schools, care facilities, food-based businesses and other establishments with local foods, organic or otherwise)
  • organize combined market studies, logistics, storage and joint sales (marketplaces, stores, supermarkets and the Internet)
  • organize members training for product development as well as the label design and packaging fields. Advise members about compliance with Estonian Veterinary & Food board regulations.
  • create facilities that further the objectives of the association (for packaging & storage - community kitchens that provide product development and productionfor start-up producers, or those that are seasonal and/or small-scale businesses)
  • encourage knowledge exchange and collaborative work between association members
  • exchange information and collaborate with similar organizations in Estonia and abroad